If You Are Still Paying Retail for the Latest Fashions the You Need to Read This Article!

If you are serious about your fashion then you seriously know that it can seriously take a lot of serious cash to look your best all year long!


But what if it didn’t have to? What if you could dress in the latest trends throughout the seasons without having to sacrifice food or electricity?


If you are interested to find out how you can look your best for less, keep reading!


My Email Address Is…

Every time that a shop assistant asks you for your email address, give it to them. While years ago signing up for one of these mailing lists would get you nothing but inbox spam with offers you would never use,  smart business owners have moved forward.


Realizing how important it is to block an email, these mailing lists now largely contain genuine sales and early access to offers and discounts. If you are still a little concerned that your inbox is going to be filled up with junk emails about offers you will never use, consider creating a new and separate email address that you use solely to signup to mailing lists.


Don’t Visit a Store

There is nothing like walking into a luxury boutique clothing store. The location, the decor, the service, the amenities, it’s all top notch. And with good reason – it cost a lot of money. And the one place that the store makes the money to pay for the overheads is through sales.


Instead, check out places like the Groupon Coupons page for Bloomingdale’s for discounts and coupons on the latest fashion items that can be delivered straight to your door. Platforms like this are a great way for a fashionista to save.


If You Must Visit a Store

If you can’t find what you are looking for online and you need to visit a store to make the purchase, don’t visit the flagship store. As nice of an experience as it will be, it will also be a costly one. Instead, find the item at a store in the suburbs or further away from the city where the rent of the store and the fittings are cheaper. While you shouldn’t expect 50 percent discounts, you can see lower prices.


Fashion Forums

Before the internet was all about apps and pointing and clicking there were simple message boards. These platforms allowed people to communicate about a shared topic or interest. The Vogue Fashion forums are still operating and be a great place to speak with other fashion minded individuals like yourself to get advice and information on upcoming secret sales.


These message boards can also be used by the design houses themselves to advertise sample and limited item sales that they do not want to advertise to the main public.


Just because you simply must be wearing the latest trends each season doesn’t mean that you can’t afford to pay your rent, it just means that you need to be a little creative with your shopping, such as considering the great ideas listed in this article.

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