Check Out These Cool Sand and Water TableFor Your Kids


Do you know an alternative for letting your kids go to a beach to play sand and water?  The good substitute for it is purchasing a sand and water table. Kids will surely enjoy interactive activities wherein their creativity and motor skills will be developed for sure. There are many different types of it that you need to find out. Discover the goodness of the best sand and water table.

  1. Naturally Playful Sand and Water Center

If you’re looking for a great item, naturally playful sand and water table at Step2 Direct is good for kids who are 2 years old and above. This can hold 2 gallons of water and 20 pounds of sand which is designed having ideal umbrella, 2 bridges, 1 shovel, 2 boats, and 2 pots and a molded road on top. This type is of easy maintenance since there is a drainage plug attached to it. The legs are movable and detachable.

This is both good for playing indoor and outdoor since it is free of mess even during packing and storing of sand and water. You can simply cover it by closing its top to keep the sand protected from insect and debris if not in use.

  1. Cascading CoveSand and Water Table


You can try the Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table if you are after accommodating four kids around the table. This type needed 3 gallons of water and sand of 10 pounds. There is a roadway made of plastic between the water and the sand that divides the elements giving an opportunity to move freely and play a race using plastic cars.

This offers more collaboration, interaction and fun since there are more kids who can play on it altogether. You need to use the elastic ties to secure the lid to the playing surface. The top of the cover has an additional feature of molded tracks accessible even if the table is in the storage.

  1. Square Sand and Water Table

The ideal style and type for younger kids who are 2 to 4 years old commonly who are preschoolers  and a bit older is the Square Sand and Water Table.  It has 2 square-shaped stations for sand and water. You can modify this type and have add-ons if it is essential for your kid. The tables have lids that are transparent designed to secure the water, sand and toy.

Sand and water table of this type didn’t have readymade roadways and other toys but it encourages and supports motor skills, socialization and tactile learning. The stations that are brightly colored are removable and draining is easy to do.

  1. Wood Designs Sand and Water Table

This type of Sand and Water Table is made of wood and has Tuff-Gloss UV finish that is designed to ensure the safeness of the kids. The water and sand on this table is not separated but appears more like a beach.

It is recommended for you to purchase Wood Designs Sand and Water Table if you are looking for an appealing, engaging and functional item. You may also consider getting best playhouse for kids from Step2 Direct to keep your kids active and engaged.


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